Creating the Los Angeles Section

After being a member of the 59 Club for many years, I along with friends from L.A. who are also members noticed a disparity that we felt needed to be addressed; there was no unified 59 Club representation in Southern California for members to belong to. So began the yearlong email inquiries to London on how to go about creating a new section and could we have their authorization and blessing to do so. After many, many months of communication we were finally given the green light to move forward. We first went about creating a Facebook page for current members and supporters, but more importantly we wanted to get tacit approval from the hundreds of Rockers in England who needed to know we were doing this with the strictest adherance to British 59 Club customs and traditions. This was not going to be a ripoff of the name or a mockery of 50 years of British motorcyle culture, we wanted to do it right, so we got a nod of approval from a large number of Rockers new and old from London. And here we are now, over a year into this process with new members, a gathering site for California members who have been club members for a long time, and a new website to respectfully promote the original 1950s/1960s British motorcycle subculture.

Having spent time in England and Europe, and being a biker for the better half of my adult life, as well as being a Rocker for over a decade, I dedicate this website to my brother and sister Rockers in England, Australia, Europe and the very few of us that exist here in the States. I’m proud to be a Rocker and a member of the 59 Club of England. I want to thank some very important people in the Rocker community for all their support over the last year and a half; Larry Fletcher of 59 Club – Chicago Section, Shadow from 59 Club – Australian Section, and good friends Chevy, Rob, Will and Heather from England and her husband Max from 59 Club – Italian Section. So ride with the wind at your back and the sun on your face, we’ll be riding up the North Circular to the Ace Cafe, in spirit at least.

Cheers mates,